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Yes’m I made them without a recipe haha ☺️ just threw things in going off instinct 😉

Hey sugar, I’ve been here before when on a caloric deficit and I’m more than happy to offer tips+advice! Firstly, eat the bulk of your days carbs pre and post training. 1-2.5 hours pre training I usually have around 30% of my carbs, the closer to the workout I eat, the more high gi the carbs will be in my meal. Because if I have high gi carbs like 3 hours pre training I’m going to have spiked and come down before I even start! Then post training around 35% of carbs and these can be whatever you want really.
Depending on how many carb meals a day you’re having, this may be your only two so make them count :)

Tip 2, get enough sleep. Seriously, when you’re on a calorie deficit sleep is SO important to avoid feeling lethargic.

Tip 3, drink a LOT of water. Like 4-5L a day. I know it seems excessive and difficult to keep up with but it will be the difference between you feeling crap vs full of energy

Tip 4, coffee or pre workout, anything with a stimulant. I’m not sure what your take on pre’s are but if you’re against them then feel free to have a single or double shot coffee (I’m pretty used to caffiene so I have either a double ristretto or triple shot espresso or flat white.. #coffeeaddict over here) - caffiene helps, a lot.

^^^ thanks for the insight girly :)

I would definitely think it could help with mental clarity etc with the addition of daily activity into a school schedule!

Holy shit thats a crazy amount of calories in one meal 😳😳😳 like almost double my shredding cals holy damn haha. I’d say if you’re hungry, eat. But eat foods generally lower in cals, probably more proteins than anything because I take it both of those meals would’ve been very high fat/carb to be that calorie dense so you probably want to find a bit of balance. Just ensure that you aren’t eating like this too often as eating at a caloric surplus daily (or more than once per week at all) will cause weight gain x

Otherwise - if you aren’t hungry, don’t eat :) I can imagine you’d probably be relatively full so if you stay that way then it’s not an issue xxx

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